Why it is important to plan for the translation process

It may never even cross your mind that a translator will play a significant role in your project, event, or business and marketing strategy. After all, that person’s only task is to change the language of a text that has already been written. If this is what you think, you have not yet understood the scope of what a translator has to offer. You may be amazed by the magic that happens when you plan the translation process.

The versatile translator

When you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that the work of a translator goes beyond simply transposing content into another language. The translator plays an important function and social role not only by ensuring the quality of the target language but also by facilitating your communications with your audience. An effective translator is sensitive to regional identities and specifically local features, adapting messages to promote harmonious exchanges in all fields and across the globe.

The extensive knowledge and skills acquired by a translator during their studies and their work experiences make them a reference and a leader in all things related to language and communication. Throughout the development of a project, a translator has the qualifications to guide you on issues related to writing, terminology, and linguistics. Finding the right words to inform or persuade, demonstrate or explain, the translator will  bring your ideas to life.

The sooner the better

Once you know that certain content will require translation, contact a translator to discuss your goals, expectations, and the timeframe involved. Together, you can determine the best time for them to be called upon to maximize efficiency, freeing you from this responsibility so you can concentrate on other tasks.

A translator can also help you when you are unsure of how to best manage a project and its translation. They know the resources and volume of work that will allow them to present you with an optimal action plan. A planned translation will ease your stress level, even when changes or setbacks arise, because you know that your translator is ready for anything.

For major projects with many people involved, include your translator in the team from the beginning of the creation process. Their expertise in communicating clear messages will enable them to aid you even during the writing process. They can guide you in terms of tone, style, and word choice to be effectively understood by your readers. Translators who participate in the development process are better able to evaluate the time needed to produce a quality translation.

The littlest details

Planning for the translation process also involves gathering all of the information related to the project that could enhance the translator’s work, such as reference documents, special instructions, detailed explanations of context, glossaries of technical terms, etc. 

On another note, if you have major or frequent translation needs, it is wise to create a style guide and a glossary specifically for your company. These precious tools will ensure that your style and vocabulary preferences  are applied consistently in all of your content. Both the translator and editor will be able to consult these documents, saving time (and your money). The messages you communicate will be clear, precise, and efficient, and reflect your style and tone. Your audience will recognize your work and read it with more interest.

Stevenson looks forward to developing a long-term relationship with you, based on trust. Our team of professional translators will gladly work with you and help you as your project evolves. We analyze language and keep up-to-date on trends and changes to vocabulary, writing styles, and rules enabling us to produce top-quality translations.

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