How word quality affects your brand image

Imagine you are speaking to someone who constantly has a full mouth, which cuts off their words and chops up their sentences. At first, you will try to listen more attentively and focus fully on the conversation in order to decode their disjointed monologue; then you’ll ask the person speaking to repeat what they just said. Ultimately, you will grow tired of their gibberish and cut the exchange short. Content that is poorly written or poorly translated can have the same unpleasant effect on readers. Find out more on how to refine your brand image by insisting on word quality, which will give you more bang for your buck.

The same text can be translated in innumerable ways, but the ultimate goal remains the same: to communicate. To communicate efficiently and effectively, it is important to create a message that is clear, concise, convincing, consistent, and correct. This is possible through a careful and an effective choice of words that will hold the interest of your audience.


Who is your content targeting? This crucial information will enable the creation of a clear message specifically adapted to your audience. The words used must be easily understood, and the tone must reflect your intended message. Trying to impress your audience by showing off your knowledge will only draw unfavourable impressions of pretension towards your brand. Stevenson’s translators respect your audience and ensure that your message will be easily understood.


You do not have to write a long text for people to properly comprehend your message. Concentrating on the essentials often enhances the overall quality of the final document. If your original text covers the information that it is important to communicate and goes straight to the point, the translation will be all the more effective. You will retain the attention of your readership and the content will undoubtedly be passed on quickly and clearly.


It is crucial to select a tone and words that reflect your business and what it excels at. Do not leave any room for phrasing that could cause your readers to have doubts or make assumptions. Instead, entice them to continue reading, to develop an interest, and to do business with you. Stevenson’s translators ensure that the same tone is used to communicate a most convincing message.


Content that is consistent from beginning to end is more likely to be read in its entirety. In other words, the information and ideas are coherent, the same spelling is used from one page to another, and the initial tone is continued throughout. Consistency in translations inspires confidence in the reader and creates a relaxed openness to the information being communicated.


A document without spelling, grammar, or syntax errors will communicate its message more effectively and will also create a more positive impression of its author. The credibility and seriousness with which you disseminate information depend in part on the revision process, which takes place following the writing step, and during the translation process. Stevenson’s translators make sure that readers will remember your message, not your spelling errors.

Remember that a good translation, where each word is chosen with care, will convey your message in the best possible way. It simply requires an investment in quality work that will reap great rewards. The experienced team at Stevenson uses a proven translation process to prevent errors in translation that could harm your brand image and negatively affect your credibility.

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