Choosing a translation company rather than hiring a translator

Doing business with a private translation company has many advantages over hiring a translator—a translator alone cannot compete with a team of translators.

Does your company have translation needs that seem to demonstrate the need to add a translator to your team? You have much to gain when you entrust your projects to a private translation company, as you will learn below.


A professional translator translates in one way only, either from French to English or from English to French, for example. They work from the source language, of which they have a very good understanding, towards the target language, which is their mother tongue. An employee hired to translate your content into both languages may be able to do the work, but the quality of that work will no doubt be affected. The ideal solution is to select a private company that boasts a team of English- and French-speaking professional translators. This will ensure that the translation process is undetectable and that the quality of the final product will be unquestionable.


With a private company, you don’t have the responsibilities of an employer. You will never have to worry about your translator becoming sick or being absent for any other reason, being overwhelmed and then unable to do the work within the required time, or twiddling their thumbs during slow periods. A team of professionals can produce a lot of words a day in French and in English. Productivity is clearly far superior to what a single employee can promise. No management required; the resources to respond to your needs will be at hand.

Economic advantages

A translation company also allows you to save money, especially if your translation budget is less than the annual salary of an employed translator. You won’t have to cover the costs for office space and equipment, sick days, or replacements. You won’t have to think about schedules, vacations, or employee benefits. You will be free of these worries and able to put your trust in a private company. You will pay for each project based on your needs, while benefiting from a unique skill set, vast experience, and recognized professional services.


The translation process in a private company involves more than one person. Your document will go through three important steps before being returned to you: translation, comparative editing, and proofreading. Three professionals will devote their expertise to delivering a translation that will meet your expectations every time. A translation company’s team members have an extensive range of knowledge, skills, and experience, enabling you to benefit from their expertise in all types of documents, from Web sites to reports or media releases, from blogs to brochures or flyers, as well as many others.

Your satisfaction

A translator hired as an employee can only rely upon themselves. They apply their skills and knowledge, but errors can slip into their translations. A private company cannot allow itself to make mistakes since the impeccable work of its team is the sole guarantee of its success and its reputation. At Stevenson & Writers, we work tirelessly to validate our interpretation of your documents and to check and recheck our choice of words. Our research and attention to detail enable us to answer any questions or doubts you may have with solid arguments because we know that your satisfaction is key to our success.

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