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    Translation, editing, proofreading, and copywriting with precision and style

    Whatever your needs in terms of translation, editing, copywriting, or proofreading, Stevenson & Writers is qualified to meet them.


    TRANSLATIONConveying your message to your target audience in another language: French or English

    Stevenson & Writers is experienced in providing top-notch professional translations from English or Spanish into French and from French into English. We pay particular attention to linguistic and cultural nuances.


    EDITINGFine-tuning your message

    Stevenson & Writers’ editors are skilled at ensuring that texts are grammatically correct and consistent, reflect the author’s intentions, flow, intrigue the reader, and they are sensitive to the readers and their culture. If the client wishes, our copy editors will also add punch to your document.


    PROOFREADINGPerfecting the quality of your message

    With meticulous attention to detail, members of the Stevenson & Writers team proofread final versions of documents before they go to print to ensure proper syntax, punctuation, and hyphenation; consistency in terms and styles, etc.


    COPYWRITINGExpressing your message effectively

    The Stevenson & Writers team is adept at composing new documents in either English or French. We rely on Canadian reference documents in terms of spelling and style, unless the client requests otherwise. As needed, we develop client-specific lexicons and style guides.


    CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONSTranslation your official documents

    Members of the Stevenson & Writers' team are certified by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec. They can certify the translation of Spanish, English, or French birth certificates, death certificates, driver's licences, university diplomas, transcripts, confidential documents, adoption files, etc. Submit your documents for a quote.


    Working on all types of documents—whatever the size, format, or subject matter.



    No limitations. We work on texts ranging from single-page certificates, letters, and news releases to multi-chapter reports, manuals, and books.



    Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, PDF, InDesign, scan—whatever the format of your document, Stevenson & Writers will provide you with a quote on the work you require.



    Administrative documents, advertising materials, job descriptions, scientific reports, statistical analyses, strategic plans, technical texts—we have no limits and we enjoy all challenges!


    Inquiries are always welcome. We would be pleased to provide a cost estimate for the job you need done.


    Client and content confidentiality is resolutely respected at Stevenson & Writers.

  • Portfolio

    Stevenson & Writers takes pride in the quality of the communications it provides to its clients. It has translation experience in the following fields:


    • advertising, graphic design, printing

    • aerospace industry

    • biology

    • communications

    • economic development

    • education

    • environment

    • health

    • heritage

    • human resources

    • government (municipal, provincial, and federal levels)

    • ICD-10-CA and CCI

    • industry

    • medicine

    • municipal affairs

    • museum exhibits

    • neurolinguistic programming

    • recreational and utility vehicle manufacturers

    • sports

    • tourism


    and its team is always keen to delve into new subject areas.


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