How we do it


Quality control

At Stevenson & Writers, quality is firmly at the top of our list of values.


Our standard approach of having different staff members translate, edit, and proofread each text, with each step being a separate process, has proven to be key in establishing Stevenson & Writers as a reputable, top-quality translation, copywriting, and editing firm.


In addition to relying on standard Canadian English reference documents, we have developed our own reference documents—a Stevenson & Writers style guide, as well as client-specific style guides with guidelines and lexicons in some instances—all of which are regularly updated.


Constant evolution / Professional development

Team members at Stevenson & Writers are urged to further hone their skills through training, reading, membership in professional organizations, exploring their own interests, etc.


Social responsibility

Stevenson & Writers is committed to giving back to the community. Each year, we choose a charitable organization and provide an in-kind donation of our services. Contact us for details on our next call for proposals if this program is of interest to you.


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